A Guide to Barbados' Coasts

We wouldn’t suggest flipping a coin to decide which side of Barbados you want to stay on. Mind you, all sides of the island are gorgeous, but ShoreTrips has inside tips on certain excursions, beaches and landscapes that might pull you in one direction or the other. 

Snorkeling in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to reggae music, jerk seasonings, blue mountain coffee, and reef-covered beaches that make for world-renowned snorkeling. The Caribbean island nation is, in fact, a hub for snorkelers, be they beginners, intermediate snorkelers or advanced snorkelers. Along the northwest coast are major dive centers that will take you on snorkeling trips unmatched in beauty. One thing is certain, no matter your level of experience, everyone snorkeling in Jamaica’s waters will find themselves amidst crystal clear waters and diverse marine life.

Best Things to Do in Juneau

Lucky travelers heading to Alaska will find a variety of things to do in Juneau, Alaska from visiting a majestic Glacier to dog sledding across the snow. After all, Alaska is known for its rich wildlife, lush landscape, and unbelievable beauty. And the best activities in Juneau are all about enjoying nature on unique excursions and experiences.

Hana Helicopter Tours: Tips for Your First Time on a Helicopter Tour

Driving the “Road to Hana” is among the top phrases you’ll hear from travelers who have visited Maui. But what if you could see this 52-mile-long highway from above? Imagine lush greenery buffered by the rugged coastline in this idyllic town.

7 Best Dolphin Experiences in the Caribbean

With crystal-clear waters as warm as a hot bath, a popular activity in the Caribbean is to experience dolphins’ natural habitat during a shore excursion. Imagine slipping into a life jacket and paddling alongside these wild, gentle animals. Finding them out in the open water isn’t easy but thankfully trainers and guides have crafted areas near the shoreline where the dolphins can meet and greet visitors.

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