10 Best Adventure Tours for Your Next Cruise

Do you live life in the fast lane and love adventure vacations? Do you view your cruise as an opportunity to chase thrills? Not interested in sipping fruity drinks on a boat for your entire cruise? Maybe you’d rather zip-line across the jungle? Or go fly fishing? How about riding in a Ferrari?

From whipping through fresh snow with mushers in Alaska to jumping off a cliff in the Dominican Republic into a pool of water below, adventure travel tours from ShoreTrips in ports around the world are designed just for you. These 10 tours actually make zip-lining and river rafting seem rather tame.

1. Ride a Ferrari in Monte Carlo

Dream of being a Formula 1 driver? Get your feet wet while behind the wheel of a Ferrari in Monte Carlo (choose from Ferrari California T or F430 Spider convertible). This is no lazy Sunday drive. You’ll coast along the Cote d’Azur’s shoreline with confidence during a 30-minute or hour-long jaunt. Get right in the action with an option to ride shotgun.

2. Parasail in Bermuda

Sure, this island is gorgeous—but especially from the air. Book a parasailing tour and experience the wildest 8 to 10 minutes of your life when you soar over the Great Sound area. Instead of snorkeling over the reef, spot it from above for a deeper immersion into beautiful Bermuda.

3. Climb Mt. Rainier Near Seattle

One of the Pacific Northwest’s most stunning national parks is also home to the 14,000-foot Mt. Rainier, Washington’s highest mountain. While referred to as an “easy” hike, you’ll still increase your heart rate, especially when you reach 5,000 feet (the hike’s highest point). And because every hiker needs nourishment, the tour includes a lunch spread to keep you fueled.

4. Off Road in Iceland

Everybody’s going to the Blue Lagoon but off roading with a Viking while learning about the country’s history might be more your speed. Ride through Barkárdalur Valley in a Super Jeep with a descendant of Iceland’s first settler, then wind through Möðruvellir on the return trek to Akureyri.

5. Cruise through Cancun’s Mangroves

There’s guided boat rides and then there’s the ones where you are captain. Take this tour for a cruise in your own mini speedboat. Warning: you will get wet. Trip includes 45 minutes of snorkeling at Punta Nizuc.



6. Dog Sledding in Alaska

Iconic with Alaska is the Iditarod and you’ll instantly connect with the adrenaline rush even if you aren’t competing. In fact, your dogs and guides are seasoned Iditarod competitors. Take a tour that begins with a short helicopter ride that lands on Herbert Glacier, where participants learn mushing on a two-mile loop.



7. Surf in Hawaii

What better place than Hawaii to perfect your pop-up? This tour teaches you to surf—or improves your skills—by pairing you up with coaches in love with hanging ten. Brush up on safety and familiarize yourself with surf lingo. After the safety demo, you’ll have up to two hours to play with a board in the water.



8. Jump into a Waterfall in the Dominican Republic

After a 45-minute guided uphill hike to the first waterfall at Damajagua (there’s a whopping 27 waterfalls total), you can totally do a cannonball dive into the water below. On the drive to the waterfall, narration about the local culture, flora and fauna is provided.



9. Canyoning in Guadeloupe

What’s canyoning, you say? It’s basically trekking around waterfalls, rivers and other pools of water. Departing from Basse Terre, 40 minutes later you’re in the rainforest, and gushing down the gorgeous canyons. You might say it’s forest bathing



10. Explore Aruba on an ATV

Aruba’s arid climate and stretches of open land are ripe for rumbling along in an ATV. The tour builds in the sights, too, including a famous Catholic church, the Bushiribana Ruins and the remains of the world’s largest coral-limestone bridge before its 2005 collapse.


Adventure Awaits You on your next Cruise vacation!

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