A Guide to Barbados’ Coasts

I wouldn’t suggest flipping a coin to decide which side of Barbados you want to stay on. Mind you, all sides of the island are gorgeous, but ShoreTrips has inside tips on certain excursions, beaches and landscapes that might pull you in one direction or the other. 

The Best of Barbados’ West Coast 

1. Hit the beaches 

The west coast of Barbados is known as the Platinum Coast due to its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, making it ideal for family trips or a relaxing getaway. Beach options are endless on the west coast of Barbados, as is snorkeling, scuba diving and cruising on a Catamaran. Paradise Beach is an especially beautiful beach hidden on the West Side of the island with no boat traffic other than the occasional jet-skier. Paynes Bay on the other hand, is one of the livelier beaches on the west coast of the island that has all the beach facilities you and your family could need.

2. Hit the town 

Maybe you’ve gone light on the sunscreen, and need to give your body a day to recover. Don’t worry, there is more to Barbados than beaches and blue skies. Learn about Barbados’ rich history by visiting the neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown. Here you can understand their fascinating history and rich culture to learn how Barbados has become what it is today. 

3. Where to stay  

Although there are affordable options, the west coast of Barbados tends to fall on the more expensive end, so it’s great if you are looking for a luxury experience or a romantic escape. Even better, many of the hotels have private beach access, which means no overcrowding and easy access. If you’re going all in for a luxury trip, we recommend scoping some fine dining, as the west coast is known for its restaurants.   

The Best of Barbados’ South Coast

1. Surfs Up

The south coast of Barbados is where the fun happens. If you’re heading to Barbados for water sport adventures or a surf trip, you will find yourself at home on the south coast. The surf in Barbados’ south coast is good majority of the year, particularly from November to June. You can hop from beach to beach, catching consistently good waves. The most well-known beaches for surfing are Batts Rock Beach and South Point.

2. The Richard Haynes Boardwalk

Take a morning run or a sunset stroll on the world-renowned Richard Haynes Boardwalk. If you choose a mid-day walk and are seeking out a quick dip, you can stop at the Accra or Camelot beaches on either end of the boardwalk. Scope out some turtles and crabs as you wander and take in the beautiful beach view. Be sure to grab a hat and shoes for your stroll, as the boardwalk warms up during the sunny hours.

3. Visit a Rum Distillery

Learn the secrets of the Caribbean’s most famous drink by visiting a rum distillery in Barbados. Although there are distilleries throughout the island, there are especially famous distilleries that you must visit on the south coast of Barbados, such as the Foursquare Rum Distillery which dates back to 1720. Don’t forget to eat something before you go!

The Best of Barbados North Coast

1. The Best Escape

Get off the beaten path in Barbados and discover the hidden beach in Barbados’ North-West Coast. Archer’s Beach has no facilities, signpost or water activities, which makes it perfect for those looking for the most tranquil of experiences. The views are spectacular, the water is clear and the only commotion you’ll find will come from the local monkeys.

The Best of Barbados East Coast

1. Farley Hill

If you are up for an early start and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the touristy areas, head to Farley Hill to watch the sunrise. The national park filled with mahogany trees sits on a hill looking out to the Atlantic Ocean, making it the experience to start your day. If you’re into yoga, bring your mat along to enhance the serene experience

2. Can’t miss adventure

Don’t be dismayed when you read about Barbados’ rugged east coast. Here, you can discover beautiful beaches that are prime for surfing and exploring. Bathsheba beach on the East Coast of Barbados is breathtaking. Not only does it boast beautiful views, but it’s part of the Bathsheba fishing village. Take a break from the sun and venture into town to taste authentic local food and get a glimpse into typical island life in Bathsheba.

Here are a few of ShoreTrips’ favorite Barbados excursions:

If any questions arise regarding traveling to Barbados, reach out to us at ShoreTrips! We would love to share what we know with you. We wish you the best stay in Barbados!

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