Best Snorkeling in Bermuda

Bermuda may be small in size at just 21-square miles, but is big in its offerings. Explore Bermuda’s history, from shipwrecks and early settlers to modern, upscale attractions and charm. Visitors travel to experience the pink sand beaches, laid-back lifestyle and plenty of outdoor fun. Thrill seekers may opt for cliff jumping and deep-sea fishing, but curious travelers looking to blend relaxation with fun will want to try an aquatic adventure like Bermuda snorkeling.

Get up close and personal to real shipwrecks, coral reefs, and a rainbow of fish while relaxing and learning more about this breathtaking island. Keep reading to discover where to find the best snorkeling in Bermuda.

Bermuda Shipwreck Adventure

Diving into the underwater world of Bermuda unveils a wealth of colorful fish, an intriguing ocean floor, and some unexpected discoveries along the way. Join a Bermuda snorkeling tour with the chance to see century-old shipwrecks from relatively shallow waters. These vessels are preserved by the ocean waters and provide a gorgeous backdrop for your Bermuda snorkeling adventure. Knowledgeable instructors anchor nearby and give you the backstories of these shipwrecks, along with guidance on where to see the best and brightest coral reefs and fish. Once it’s time to go back to shore, you’ll understand why Bermuda is often called the Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic.

Embark on a Sailboat and Snorkeling Excursion

Can’t decide which great activity to do during your time in Bermuda? Don’t worry, we have just the option for you. Why not sail through the warm breeze and do some Bermuda snorkeling all in the same day? A sailboat and snorkeling excursion blends the beauty of gliding along the water on a 51-foot sailboat with the adventure of snorkeling along coves and lagoons. Visitors can choose between a Dockyard departure from Kings Wharf or from the cruise pier in Hamilton just a short walk away. Both cruise guests and land travelers alike can enjoy this excursion. If you are not on a cruise, make your way from your hotel to the sailboat and get whisked away.The sleek sailboats make it easier to access areas that bigger boats can’t reach. Once your sailboat anchors, you’ll be swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Bermuda, soaking up the shoreline views.

Climb Aboard a Catamaran

There are more ways to enjoy Bermuda snorkeling beyond a sailing adventure. Climb aboard a catamaran and learn why Bermuda was once known as “Devils Isle” for its challenging routes from one island to another. Your modern day captain navigates the waters with ease and will give you an overview of the area before anchoring at an island hideaway. Discover gorgeous beaches and coral reefs you couldn’t find on your own. You have a variety of options when you join the best of Bermuda snorkeling with kayaking, paddleboarding, or just noodle around on a noodle, enjoying the company of your group before stopping for a cold drink at a local bar.

Dolphin and Bermuda Snorkeling

Some of Bermuda’s friendliest locals live right in its crystal blue waters. Swim with the dolphins and slip on some snorkel gear for hands-on fun. Visitors wade into shallow water for an interactive lesson with lots to learn about these playful creatures. Visitors have the chance to ease into deeper waters and swim right alongside the dolphins, rub their bellies, and can even grab the provided snorkeling gear to watch the dolphins swim and play underwater.

Snorkel Beaches in Bermuda

Grab your snorkeling equipment and head to the beach. There are many options when it comes to snorkeling beaches.

  • Church Bay Bermuda is a beautiful location with spectacular reefs close to the shore.
  • If you are staying on the east end, head to Tobacco Bay where shallow water and rocky coves offer a great chance to encounter marine life.
  • If you didn’t bring your snorkel gear, head over to Snorkel Park, where you can rent gear and experience snorkeling in a well-organized beach facility.

Explore the Unexpected Side of Bermuda

Seeing the sights around Bermuda from Fort Hamilton to the Front Street shops is a must, but it is truly magical to wind down your vacation by seeing the unexpected side of the island. Take an Unexpected Bermuda Tour to explore areas like Blue Hole Park, caves with stunning stalactites and chandeliers, and Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. From mid-April through October, guests can explore this other side of the island and still enjoy Bermuda snorkeling. Dive right into the waters at the nature reserve and see a totally different side of this remote area. Afterward, indulge in an ice cream while sharing your favorite Bermuda snorkeling stories with fellow travelers.


You don’t need to be an expert to try your hand at snorkeling, you just need to be ready to have fun with a curiosity to explore. Choose your favorite adventure from shipwrecks to dolphin encounters and see the best parts of Bermuda.

Where are your favorite Bermuda snorkeling spots? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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