About ShoreTrips

Our blog is dedicated to helping you learn about the world’s best shore excursions and top travel tips!

ShoreTrips is available for cruise ship passengers and hotel guests in the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, South America, Bermuda, the Mediterranean and the Baltic, Asia, and now Australia and New Zealand.

The ShoreTrips team has traveled and lived all over the world throughout their lives. They bring their experience and your requests together to customize vacations and specific trips. They work with both travel agents and travelers alike.

The owners, Julie and Barry Karp, have been in the travel industry for over 30 years. Both of them have had a very hands-on approach to helping their clients in their respective businesses and an intuitive sense of the desires of today’s travel-savvy audience. Their mission is to allow you to enhance port of call, whether you arrive by boat or plane. They have traveled to every spot they represent to bring you the best and the most unique offerings to fulfill any fantasy. They have worked hard to develop a way for you to have smaller, more personal tours and adventures and yet feel secure knowing that all of the people they represent have an understanding of your expectations.

barry and julie
Julie and Barry Karp: Co-owners of ShoreTrips