Horseback Riding in Mexico

Whether it’s a sunset gallop on the sand, a night trot on a ranch, or a backcountry canter to a waterfall, Mexico has it all. The trouble isn’t finding a place to go horseback riding, it’s finding the best place to go horseback riding.  

And the best is subject to preference 

  • the most exclusive beaches
  • the most exquisite views
  • the most exhilarating adventures

So saddle up. Because here you will find a list of the best places to go horseback riding for every type of traveler. Whether you have never muttered “giddy up” in your life or you are an Olympic eventer, there is a horse riding experience in Mexico for you.  


Puerto Vallarta

Mexico’s Pacific Coast hosts some of the most beautiful wild beaches to dip out of reality. Beaches free of people are particularly abundant just beyond the city of Puerto Vallarta. 

A horse riding beach getaway in Puerto Vallarta is the picturesque holiday experience. It is perfect for inexperienced riders that imagine a relaxed trot along the water. Those who seek a more demanding journey are equally full of horse riding opportunities in Puerto Vallarta. The more adventurous souls can join tours that start with a trail ride in the Sierra Madre Mountains. These trails take you to the beach where you can finish your trot along the water.  

Experience turtle release ceremonies while on your horseback riding adventure in Acapulco. Learn about the conservation of sea turtles and understand their way of life. Take in the views of the coconut palms and native animals along the beach. These beachside rides outside of the hustle and bustle of Acapulco are breathtaking for every type of rider.  


Ajusco National Park 

Ajusco has been ranked among the top five Mexican volcanoes to climb near Mexico City, and the experience is elevated on horseback! Ajusco’s national park offers more than just stunning views of downtown Mexico City.  

Top things to see in Ajusco: 

  1. Inactive volcanoes
  2. Rabbits unique to this particular region 
  3. Remote villages and towns to take a break for snacks and local beverages
  4. At the top of Cerro Pelado’s Volcano, gaze out on the diverse oak, pine and fir forests
  5. The Xitle volcano, within Ajusco’s National Park, is marked by the remains of prehispanic settlements
  6. Step off your horse and take a stroll around the volcano’s 200-meter crater


Mexico’s Highlands

Take on the role of a cowboy this trip by horseback riding in Mexico’s highlands. Mexico is a diverse country made up of colonial towns, remote beaches, ancient ruins, and beaming cities. Although all of these places are worth a visit, a ride through Mexico’s Central Highlands is like no other.  Mexico’s horsemanship is rooted in the history and culture of Mexican people, dating back to the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. Experiencing Mexico’s highlands on the back of a horse gives the rider a glimpse of authentic Mexican traditions and way of life.  

Seven Things You Can’t Forget for Your Horseback Riding Trip:

So as to avoid a mishap on your horse riding adventure, we’ll remind you of the things that might slip your mind. This way you’ll neither lose your favorite sunglasses, nor your phone filled with photos of a fun-filled holiday.


  • A saddlebag or a pack to keep your belongings secure
  • A pair of pants for your comfort
  • A swimsuit in case you end up in the ocean or a hidden waterfall
  • A hat to protect your face from the sun
  • An easy to carry snack like trail mix, an energy bar or dried fruit
  • A camera to take pictures from a new perspective
  • An extra pair of shoes/sandals in case you step off your horse for a trek or dip in the water


Visit Mexico’s diverse land from a new vantage point with hand-picked guides from ShoreTrips. Our adventures will have you on the edge of your seats, our stories will dip your toes in Mexico’s rich history and our experiences will reaffirm all your dreams about traveling the world.  

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