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Belize hosts it all: history, beauty and adventure. The beautiful nation may be lesser known than their Mexican and Guatemalan neighbors, but it’s equally rich in food culture, marine life, and historical ruins. Here is a guide to the country worth making a visit to, and an answer to all questions that will serve to your adventurous side and your more practical one. So you will no longer wonder,

What things should I do in Belize?

When should I travel to Belize?

Is Belize expensive?

Is it safe to travel in Belize?

What things should I do in Belize?

Did you know that Belize has the largest cave system in Central America, or that there are 450 offshore islands for you to discover? The Belize Barrier Reef is home to the most vibrant marine life and the clearest of waters. The seafood, as you can imagine, is woven deep in Belize’s delicious food culture. Half of Belize is covered in dense jungle, which is rich in animal and plant life. Mayan ruins extend along the Yucatan peninsula, most notably the Caracol in Belize. 

The question isn’t what to do in Belize, it’s what not to do in Belize?

When should I travel to Belize?

There are two sides to every coin. Belize’s dry season falls between late November and mid-April, thus it’s arguably the best time to travel to Belize. There’s the tropical sun, warm air, and swimmable waters. However, that is also high season for travelers, meaning prices of hotels rise and beaches crowd. If you’d prefer to escape the tourist rush and rise in prices, take your holiday during the early summer months. If you would like to play your luck in getting the best of both worlds, book your trip between May and June.

Is Belize expensive?

Google ‘is Belize expensive,’ and you’ll most likely find answers that don’t cater to your likings. However, I’m here to give you a complete answer. Yes, Belize is more expensive than its neighbors, but it boasts things that its counterparts don’t necessarily have. Further, things become much more expensive during the high tourist season, so if you are looking for a cheaper holiday, plan accordingly.

Overall, Belize is a small nation, and much of their food is imported, which rises the price of certain goods. Much like Mexico, the most expensive areas in Belize are the areas with a dense population of tourists. There are many tours, excursions, and towns outside of the touristy zones, and they are worth checking out if you’d like a local and more cost-effective experience in Belize.

Is it safe to travel in Belize?

Much like any trip you go on in the world, it’s important to take precaution. Belize is no exception. It should be acknowledged that there have been increased travel advisories, but that is largely due to petty crimes, which happen on every corner of the earth. Most extreme safety issues travelers have faced in Belize have been due to the traveler’s involvement in activities that would put anyone in a dangerous situation anywhere in the world.

If your hesitation to travel to Belize is due to safety concerns, simply follow the suggestions below and feel confident booking your ticket!

Three tips to travel smart:

1) Safe consumption of alcohol. Savor Belize’s famous Belikin beer and Caribbean rum like the locals do but do so in moderation.

2) Blend into your surroundings. Avoid flaunting your fanciest clothing and jewelry for a walk through town.

3) Manage your money. Don’t roam the streets with pockets full of cash. Rather than lugging your money around with you, bring enough money with you to get you through your day or excursion.

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If any questions arise regarding traveling to Belize, reach out to us at ShoreTrips! We would love to share what we know with you.

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