Your Travel Kit to St. Kitts

St. Kitts is a magical island most known for sugar cane, and lesser known of the Caribbean islands, which is why ShoreTrips has provided you the travel kit to St. Kitts. Unlike the typical first-aid kit, our travel kit is filled with all the info you need for your trip to St. Kitts- so that you won’t wonder what the small Caribbean island is known for, what you should do during your trip to St. Kitts or when you should plan your visit.

St. Kitts Excursions

Mount Liamuiga Volcano Hike

Mount Liamuiga, meaning the fertile land, is a volcano that reaches almost 3,800 feet. The climb is not an easy one, but it is worth the trek. The entire hike up the mountain, you will be surrounded by a thick and mesmerizing forest that feeds into a rain forest, rich in plant and animal life. The paths leading up to the volcano have been made by paths of lava that have trickled down the land. Dedicate 3-5 hours to this must-do hike in St. Kitts! ShoreTrips offers the Volcano Hike Experience.

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is arguably one of the sites St. Kitts is most known for. Although the fortress was designed by British military engineers, it was created and maintained by African slaves. This visit is ideal for anyone who appreciates history, good views and architecture. On a typical clear and sunny day, you can get a view of 5 surrounding Caribbean islands- St. Barts, St. Eurstatuis, Saba, Nevis and of course, St. Kitts! ShoreTrips private tour: Fort Brimstone in Depth offers a great opportunity to explore.


Taste the Authentic Flavors

St. Kitts cuisine is rich in taste and history. The Caribbean is home to comfort food, and here you will understand why. Discover the delicacies you should be sure to order during your trip to St. Kitts:

Traditional Foods:

Goat Water Stew: This is one of St. Kitts national dishes, and although soupy meals might not be your go-to meal on a warm summer night, it is highly recommended! The goat meat is typically made with papaya, onions, yams, chilies and tomatoes, though it depends on which side of the island you order the specialty!

Salt Fish and Dumplings: This is the food of the locals! The stewed salt fish is typically paired with crunchy plantains, coconut dumplings and breadfruit and is best served for lunch or dinner.


Conch Fritters: Most comparable in appearance to South Carolina’s hush puppies are St. Kitts famous conch fritters. This delicacy made from conch meat and fried in batter and peppery seasonings is a melt in your mouth, must-try dish.


Sugar Cake: This mix of coconut, ginger and sugar makes for a mouth-watering dessert. Bite into the crunchy exterior and be met with a soft and savory inside.

Traveling to St. Kitts

Luckily, the charming Caribbean island of St. Kitts boasts warm weather all year round, making it a suitable trip at any time of the year. However, the prices dip during the summer months between May and June, making it ideal if you are seeking out a more affordable trip. In contrast, but well worth the spike in prices, is a visit between December and April during the island’s Carnival. The world-renowned festival specifically takes place between Christmas and the 2nd of January. 

Before you go, we will leave you with a few St. Kitts fun facts matched with activities to inspire your adventurous side! 

  • Live like the locals and join in on St. Kitts national passion by playing a game of cricket!
  • Go hiking to truly discover the island created by volcanos.
  • Take a dip in the Narrows Swim, which is shockingly just two miles wide.

Here are a few of ShoreTrips’ favorite St. Kitts excursions:

If any questions arise regarding traveling to St. Kitts, reach out to us at ShoreTrips! We would love to share what we know with you. 

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